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Become a Blood of the Kingdom

Key Rep & Influencer

Here's How to Join Now!




It's time for our book rep search! ✨ 

We're looking for great people to become our reps and help us by promoting our books for the months of July, August, and September.




The Blood Of The Kingdom rep program is a way for book lovers, bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and anyone who is excited for this trilogy (not necessarily with a large following as we look at other factors too!) to earn money and perks while promoting the book series.


Blood Of The Kingdom reps earn commissions for referring sales to this site.




When you are in our rep program you get some awesome benefits.

  • 10% commission on all sales (excludes shipping)

  • Two complimentary signed books (one for you, and one for your own Giveaway Contest)

  • No "cookie" window!!  (most only give you a 30 day cookie - lifetime with us!)

  • Wide variety of creative

  • Reps get 20% off purchasing any additional books

  • Offer your readers a 10% off coupon with your own personalized Code

  • Sneak peeks & exclusive spoilers

  • Participate in sales contests to earn free products and BOTK credits

  • You also have the opportunity to VIP status at Melisa Kennedy's events


If you are selected, we will send you two Blood Of The Kingdom books for those months and you'll need to post at least 4-6 photos per month. You will receive a unique discount code to share with people that must mentioned in every Blood Of The Kingdom related post. We also require you to say you are a Blood Of The Kingdom rep or "Kingdom Key" in your Instagram bio (it's up to you whether you want to share the code there). You will also get paid a commission on the sales your discount code brings.  The number of followers you have does NOT matter. We're looking for interaction, passion for fantasy, creativity and high quality photos. 

In return for the freebies, Keys will read + review the book, talk it up on social media and blog by reposting any of our book posts. You are expected to use hashtags #BloodOfTheKingdom #BreakingTruth #MelisaKennedy #bookstagram #westvirginia #yalit #yabooks each time.

If selected to be a Kingdom Key, what is required of me? Each Kingdom Key’s sharing strategy will be unique to them, but some requirements are the following: 


  • Follow @melisakennedyofficial @bloodofthekingdomseries @bmkpublishingusa

  • Styled Instagram posts and Instagram stories (great for unboxings of books / merch) 

  • List yourself as a Kingdom Key in profile and tag @bloodofthekingdomseries

  • Share tweets, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos from us with your followers and friends

A complete list of Rep duties will be sent with approval.

*All the above requirements must be met in order to be in magazine and merchandise gifts.

Apply Now!

Kingdom Rep & Influencer