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What have you published? 
My very first publication was Local Tween - a magazine dedicated to girls ages 8 - 13.  I am currently the founder and editor of FOUR Magazines, which is a publication devoted to UFOs, paranormal, and unexplained phenomena.
Now with my first book, Breaking Truth, from the series, Blood Of The Kingdom, I am already working on Book 2 as well as sequels.  I also have a few other books in the works.
Where can I buy your books?
From book stores, online retailers and my websites. All links on where to buy can be found on the book pages of this site.
How can I get BMK Publishing to publish my book?
If your manuscript is finished and to a high standard, you are ready to submit.  There are several packages to choose from and including staff suggestions and developing a custom marketing strategy.  Read more here.
Can I interview you for my site?
Thank you for thinking of me! Please email me at info (at) bmkpublishingusa (dot) com with details.